who we are

Baron International is operationally structured into purchase, sales, marketing and has at the moment 25 employees. Our purchase team is consistently working on new ideas and innovative products to be represented and distributed in the territory. Sales and marketing teams are working on the implementation and promotion of new brands. Our teams are working closely together with our suppliers to achieve the best possible brand positioning and consistent growth.


Our mission and vision are directed towards positioning of our variety of products onto the market and increase consumer and customer satisfaction by offering quality brands. Our vision is to become one of the leading companies for food and non-food distribution in our markets which is based on our commitment to long-term development and marketing.


Flexibility and Innovation are our unique comparative advantages, that allow us to response rapidly to market and customer demands. We source, launch and promote novelties, which are then bought by our consumers in Slovenia and Croatia.


We focus on quality and creativity of our products, our sales, our marketing and our service to ensure supplier and customer satisfaction. Product quality and marketing creativity for new products implementation are the key to long term success and growth.


Fairness and Partnership are the crucial parts of the fundament for building long-term business relationships which allow us to create success stories.

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